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Break Away Online Video Slot Game

Thursday, July 10th, 2014:

If you like video slot games that have a sporting theme to them, you will love the Break Away video slot. This game has an Ice Hockey theme to it, and you will experience a lot of the bone-crunching excitement you get in the real games while playing this online slot. See if you can spot some of your favourite teams and players when playing this game, and see some of the exciting moves you will find during the live games. As with any Hockey game, you are looking to defeat the opposition and win the game. You will hear […] Read More →

Girls with Guns Jungle Heat

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014:

We were first introduced to the 6 girls with guns in the excellent Girls with Guns Jungle Heat slot game. These super-girls are led by the sophisticated red-head, Katherine, who likes to smoke a cigar while she leads her ladies through their exciting and dangerous missions. The other five Girls with Guns are Alex, Kira, Jess Maria and Zoe. The particular mission for the military-minded girls in this game is to find Hector, the evil drug baron and search out his base camp so that they can stop his operations. As the name suggests, the Girls with Guns Jungle Heat […] Read More →

Hellboy Online Video Slot Game

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014:

The Hellboy online video slot was released by Microgaming back in 2012, yet it still attracts a lot of attention from both newer and more accomplished players. It has a 5×3 reel setup, and has 20 different paylines on which you can win. It also incorporates some excellent video graphics, and some features that provide a lot of fun as well as opportunities to win. There are 5 symbols located on the reels that are high payers. The game has a comic book super hero theme, so look out for some of these powerful super hero’s as they activate some […] Read More →

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