Castle Builder Online Slot Game

castle builderThe Castle Builder online slot game provides a completely new experience for slot players. It is more like a level-based game that you would find on computer games, but you can win money on this too. As more recent casino games have become more interactive, Castle Builder has taken that interaction to a whole new level.

As you start playing Castle Builder, you will be transformed into the role of a Royal Master Builder, and your job is to create Castles in three different kingdoms for their monarchs. To progress through the different stages of building you simply spin the reels and as you hit the various construction materials symbols you can keep building the castles.

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For each kingdom, your end goal is to build 10 castles for each. Once you have completed a castle, the King’s daughter will then move in and then she will choose from one of three admirers. The catch to this is that each admirer will be worth a certain amount, and this will not be revealed until the wedding has taken place.

Castle Builder slot game specifications

Although the Castle Builder slot game is very interactive and has a big story line behind it, there is still the underlying slot element too. People love to play it, but they love it even more when they can win money playing it as well. So of course, there are a lot of bonus options as you go through the game, and plenty of opportunities to build up your financial stash while you’re building castles.

castle builder slot

The game is a 5 x 3 reel game, with 15 different paylines. Amongst all the action going on while building castles and trying to marry the King’s daughter, you will still find time to enjoy the Wild symbols and other bonus features. The Castle Builder game is full of action and excitement, and you will very quickly find yourself becoming immersed in the story and your progress through the game too.

The game is suitable for players of all levels as it has a decent range of coin limit amounts. You can play for as little as 0.01 and a maximum of 15.00 per spin, so suitable for the newbie through to the high roller players. The bonus rounds come up frequently, so you will find that you are able to play for a long time, and progress through the game.


It was a brave move to move towards this type of game from a more traditional slot game, but one that seems to have been incredibly popular with the players. Is this the new style that we will see online casino games veering towards? If people like Microgaming can continue to produce games of this calibre then it may well be the future of online gaming. The Castle Builder slot game has certainly taken online gaming in a new direction, and one that plenty have been willing to follow since it was released.

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