The Game of Thrones Video Slot Game

the game of thrones video slotThe Game of Thrones was a massive HBO television series that became a huge hit around the world. Microgaming thought it would also make an epic slot game and they quickly moved to sign an agreement that would allow them to create slot games based on this theme, thus the Game of Thrones video slot game being born.

The plan with this game was to take all of the features, excitement and sheer exhilaration of this fantasy series and develop it into a blockbuster slot game. Now it is finally here, and we are going to take a look at just what the Game of Thrones video slot has to offer you as the player, and whether Microgaming has done a good job of recreating the amazing quality of the series.

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Game of Thrones video slot specifications

These are the different specifications that some players will want to know about before playing this game. It certainly has a lot of different features, and will appeal to the wide audience of slot players due to the bet spread that you can opt for.

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The game is a 3 x 5 reel video slot game, and has a fixed jackpot (as opposed to a progressive jackpot). It has a few different bonus options, such as Wild and Bonus Trigger symbols, Scatters and Free Spins. It also has a 2x gamble option if you really want to try your luck and increase your winnings.

The Game of Thrones video slot has 15 different paylines, and offers a minimum bet of 0.15 (15 lines x 1 coin per line x 0.01 = 0.15) and a maximum bet of 15.00 (15 lines x 10 coins per line x 0.10 = 15.00), so should suit players of all levels.

game of thrones

The maximum payouts for the game include 150,000 coins (15,000 credits) for the main game and 750,000 coins (75,000 credits) for the Free Spins feature. You will find that the Free Spins feature is activated fairly frequently, so you will see some decent wins coming from this bonus feature.

Bonus features explained

With a game of this magnitude you would expect a lot of different bonus features, and it certainly does not disappoint. Here is a breakdown of a few of them so you can get a better understanding of what the game offers:

Scatter Bonus

When you get two Scatter symbols land anywhere on the reels it will trigger of the Scatter bonus. This bonus offers a random award, so you will not know what you will win until the bonus has completed.

Free Spins

There are several different Free Spins bonuses, such as House Baratheon Rules, House Lannister Rules, House Stark Rules and the House Targaryen Rules. These are activated by 3, 4 or 5 Scatter symbols accompanied by the relevant House Rules symbols. You will activate different numbers of Free Spins depending on which House Rules has been activated, but you can hit up to 18 Free Spins with a 2x multiplier. All of the Free Spins are retriggerable too.


Trail Gamble Feature

The Trail Gamble Feature is open every time you win, and it allows you to gamble on your winnings by simply calling “Heads or Tails” and the flip of a coin. If you win you will double your winnings.


The Game of Thrones video slot has just been released late in 2014, and already has proven to be a big hit in the online casinos (e.g. Zodiac online casino)that have it. You can play the game now by signing up to the Luxury Casino – click here to sign up now


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