Girls with Guns Frozen Dawn Video Slot Game

Girls with Guns Frozen Dawn After the first in the series from the Girls with Guns, the Jungle Heat slot, we now have the latest edition: Girls with Guns Frozen Dawn. This new 5-reel video slot is packed with even more features than the first game, and some excellent bonus rounds that coincide with the overall theme. The Girls are on a mission to stop the evil villain, Saskia, from taking over the world.

In case you did not know them from the first Jungle Heat game, the Girls with Guns are Maria, Alex, Jess, Katherine, Zoe and Kira. This team of female super-agents all have their different talents and can activate some great bonus features throughout the game.

Girls with Guns Frozen Dawn is set in the freezing mountain ranges, so you will see a lot of relevant symbols with skis and snow gear present in a lot of them. Think Charlie’s Angles meets Lara Croft in the Alps, and you have a good image of the game theme. The graphics for this game are excellent, the new generation of video slot games really has taken the quality to a new level, and that is clearly evident here with Frozen Dawn.

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New bonus features for Girls with Guns Frozen Dawn

The Girls with Guns Frozen Dawn video slot game has some exciting new features added to it that will really catch your attention. These features really add to the excitement of the game as they offer a lot of user interaction as well as some really good payout opportunities.

The new shootout bonus will enable you to target your wins. This feature is activated when one of the girls holding a gun lands on a non-winning spin. You then get to target one of the alpha-numeric symbols on the screen, and each one will have a different win amount.

You can activate 12 free spins through different combinations on the reels. These free spins include two new features called Magnetic Wilds and Frozen Wilds. These excellent new features can really help you accumulate a lot of credits quickly.

Girls with Guns

With the Frozen Wilds, when one lands on any of the reels during your 12 free spins, it will ‘freeze’ there for 3 more spins. And of course being a ‘Wild’ symbol, this will give you a lot of opportunity to hit some good payouts. If you get 3 Frozen Wild’s on the sale reel, then that whole reel will remain wild for the remaining spins in that particular bonus round.

The Magnetic Wild symbols will appear during the electric free spin bonus rounds, and they will always land on the 5th reel initially. The Magnetic Wilds are then drawn towards the left hand reels and they will remain there for the rest of that feature round. Obviously the more you get, then the more chances you have of winning.

Girls with Guns Frozen Dawn video slot

There are many other bonus features included in the Girls with Guns Frozen Dawn game too, so there is never a dull moment when playing it. The game does an excellent job of building up tension and excitement as you wait to see what each bonus round will return.

Game specifications

The Girls with Guns Frozen Dawn video slot game has 243 different paylines, and is a 5 reel game. You can play as little as 1 coin on 1 payline if you really wanted to make your money go a long way, but obviously the more lines and credits per line you play, then the more you can win.

Girls with Guns Frozen Dawn slot

The game has a maximum win of 2,185,000 coins, so a lot of potential to win some serious money with this game too. The Girls with Guns Frozen Dawn video slot game is a great sequel to the first in the series, Jungle Heat, and it looks like this series is just going to get better and better if Frozen Dawn is anything to go by.

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