Jacks or Better Online Slots Game

Jacks or better is a video poker game that is played with a standard 52 card deck, and you get jacks or betterdealt 5 cards each hand. As the name suggests, the object of the game is to get a pair of Jacks or better to get into the winning hands.

It is one of the most popular online video poker games at present and has been for a long time too, which shows the longevity of this game. It has long been a favourite in land based casinos, so the inclusion of it in the online casino world was very well received.

A brief overview of Jacks or Better

The game is very simple and fast to play, which is one of the alluring features of it. While some people love the new themed games which offer you a ton of features, yet are slower to play, some people just want to get on and play, and this is what Jacks or Better allows you to do.

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So when you start the game you are dealt 5 cards, all face up. You then have the option of holding any of the cards. You can hold 1 to 5 cards, or if you do not want to hold any you can do this also. So if you are dealt a pair of Jacks right from the start, you will want to hold these as you know you already have a winning hand.

Once you have held any cards that you want to hold (or none at all if you want to be dealt 5 new cards), you will be dealt the remaining cards to see if you can improve your hand.

See Jacks or Better in action

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Here is a quick guide on how poker hands are ranked

  • Royal Flush – A, K, Q, J, 10 that is of the same suit
  • Straight Flush – Five cards in sequence with the same suit
  • 4 of a Kind – Four cards of the same value (Picture cards need to be the same, i.e 4 x Jacks)
  • Full Hose – Three cards of the same value, plus a pair
  • Flush – Five cards that are of the same suit but are not in sequence
  • Straight – Five cards that are sequential but not the same in suit
  • 3 of a Kind –three cards that are of the same value
  • 2 Pair – two pairs within the 5 cards
  • 1 pair (the pair needs to be Jacks or Better for it to be a winning hand in this game)

The payout on jacks or better is higher for the winning hand if the ante is higher as well. Also, the ranking of a winning hand has a bearing – the higher the rank, the higher the payout. So a Royal Flush will win more than a Straight Flush.

Jacks or Better is available in a number of the best online casinos and mobile casinos. So you can play it from your computer or mobile device. This game has been very popular for a long time, as it has one of the best win percentages for the player. So not only is the game fast, simple and fun, but you also stand a much better chance of winning money when compared to a lot of other slot games.

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