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poker ridePoker Ride is a video poker game from Microgaming that’s fun, easy to play and offers huge payouts including their grand progressive jackpot. The Vegas-style card game is very popular and is available on several of the best online casinos, including Quatro Casino and Grand Hotel Casino, as well as other fully-licensed online casino powered by Microgaming.

You may also get the game via the company’s downloadable casino software and can be installed on your desktop and laptop, along with a select few tablets and smartphones by Android, Apple, and BlackBerry. While Poker Ride involves a fairly easy gameplay, it still helps to polish up on your poker basics first for the best experience.

In case you already have the know-how but nervous about making the transition from the table to the virtual world, then don’t worry because the game uses a traditional 52-card deck and deals you with a 5-card hand slowly. All that’s left for you to do is focus on the bets and hit the given poker card combos to win!

poker ride online casino game

A closer look at the Poker Ride video poker slot game

Ease of gameplay

What makes Poker Ride a fan favorite over its other popular counterparts is its ease of use. Before the cards are dealt, you will be asked to make two bets. First is the initial bet on hand, which means that you bet that you’ll be getting 10s or better, since this is the lowest hand that pays out.

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The bets are from one to three coins, and the coins can be of any size from a cent to five coins. A second 1-coin side bet is required to qualify for Poker Ride’s progressive jackpot, which you can win if you get a Royal Flush.

To keep you at the edge of their seat, the value of this progressive jackpot is constantly shown along the top of your game window all the time. But even without the side bet, having a Royal Flush in your hand equals to a big win already as it multiplies your bet a thousand fold.

Classic call or raise

After making a bet, you will be given your first 3 cards. From there you can choose to “raise” or “call”. If you choose to raise, your wager is increased by the initial sum before the next card is dealt, but if you call, then your next card will be given immediately. This process is repeated so you end up with a 5-card hand.

Progressive jackpot

The 1 coin side bet required for the Progressive Jackpot is worth throwing in because it gives you the opportunity to win other fantastic prizes as well. Aside from getting the full progressive jackpot with a Royal Flush, a Straight Flush entitles you to 10 percent of the prize, 4 of a Kind lets you win an added 500 coins. A Full House grants 100 more credits, and a Flush gives 50 more credits to your bankroll.


But if you want to go for the big Royal Flush progressive, then you can win over €/£/$ 100,000! That is a nice 6-figure payout that can be won at any time you are playing the required progressive bet.

With the popularity of any Poker game now, the variety that Poker Ride adds to the large number of online poker games already available has certainly been welcomed. And the fact that it has a 6 figure progressive jackpot linked to it also will really add that extra element to it when you are playing. Poker Ride is a lot of fun to play, and you have so many chances of winning a nice sized jackpot too.

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