SupaJax Progressive Jackpot Video Poker

SupaJaxThere are many online video poker games that try to split away from the usual video pokers with odd rule variations and elaborate graphics as well as those with wild and special cards. Since there are only a few sets of rules which work for fans of traditional video poker, it’s uncommon for an online video poker game to truly stand out and be different from the others.

The SupaJax video poker from Microgaming aims to stand out from the competition by offering players with an all play focus on the ultimate progressive jackpot. As the main feature of this video poker variation, this is what makes SupaJax the go-to-game for players who want to take home a whopping jackpot.

See SupaJax in action

Fresh face, classic gameplay

This video poker game uses a regular deck (52-card) plus the addition of 1 SupaJax card. The progressive jackpot can be won by getting four-of-a-kind Jacks using the special card as your kicker. Of course, this may not come up often. However, when it does, you can get a life-changing fortune turnaround as a result.

In order to qualify for the SupaJax progressive jackpot, you should first stake 5 coins on each hand. This is a standard rule for progressive jackpot video pokers. Because of this, playing with the maximum amount of coins is the best bet for this game, as well as for most other single video pokers that doesn’t have progressive jackpots.

Simple payout system

The SupaJax payout system is a customized version of the old 7/5 table of Jacks or Better. Getting one pair of Jacks equals to 1x of your bet as payout, but having two pairs will give you a 2x payout. 3 of a kind means a 3x prize while a straight is worth 4x in prizes.


If you get flushes in the game, it means that you also get 5x the prize but a full house will let you multiple your bet seven fold. In case you were dealt with a 4 of a kind, you win 25x while a royal flush will let you win 50x the bet.

If you get a royal flush, then you win up to 600x given that you have the maximum of 5 coins at stake. Like other common online video pokers, the royal flush will have a smaller payout for bets less than 5 coins.

Ever-growing progressive jackpot

Another great thing about SupaJax is that it’s actually linked to more than a hundred Micgrogaming casinos in the web. As more and more casinos have partnered up with Microgaming and included this video poker game to their offerings, they are constantly adding to the overall progressive jackpot that’s up for grabs to SupaJax players.

All in all, SupaJax is a great choice for players who want to break free from Jacks or Better as their only game once the jackpot gets big. While this video poker game isn’t armed to the teeth with features, it does boasts of a great payout rate when the jackpot starts to swell, and your chances of winning the jackpot adds a refreshing twist to players who are used to games that don’t have a jackpot.

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