Terminator 2 Online Video Slot Game

Terminator 2 Online Video Slot GameTerminator 2 was one of the biggest action movies ever to be released, and now it has been turned into a new video slot game that will certainly get the attention of all online slot players. As in the movie, the Terminator 2 video slot game is packed full of action and entertainment. It has a lot of great features that appear throughout the game, and will appeal to both new players, and the more accomplished slot player.

Familiar scenes from the movie appear in the Terminator 2 video slot game, as do all of the main characters. The graphics are excellent, really high quality. And the audio that accompanies the game really helps to recreate the feel of the movie and bring it all to life. You will also see some very unique additions to this game that really sets it apart from other new video slot games.

A look at the Terminator 2 slot game specifications

With 243 different paylines, you have a lot of chances to hit winning combinations. You will also find a lot of ways to activate the bonus features, and when you do you will often see a big influx of additional credits to your game as you hit different winners. The bonus features are certainly a lot of fun when they are activated, but they can also be very profitable for you too.

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The minimum bet for the Terminator 2 slot is 0.30, and the maximum jackpot is 88,000. You can determine how many paylines you want to play at any given time, and how much you want to bet per line. You have complete control over this and you can change it very easily whenever you want. The game will suit players of all levels due to the wide better range.

Bonus game features

When you see your screen suddenly descend into the red glow of the T-800 vision, you will know you have activated the mystery cash prize bonus that can happen at any time during the game. You will get high symbols land on the reels during this time, and this is when you will receive the mystery cash prizes.


The Terminator 2 slot game has the ability to change shape and form, just as the T-1000 did in the movie. When you activate one of the Free Spin bonuses, the screen will morph from a 5×3 reel game, with 243 paylines, into a 5×4 reel game with a massive 1024 paylines! During this Free Spin feature, you will see the T-1000 appear and deliver the prize amounts that you win for each Free Spin.

There are Scatter Play symbols dotted around the reels, and whenever you get 3, 4 or 5 landing on the front reels, you will activate the Free Spins feature. Expect a lot of fun and entertainment every time one of these Free Spin features is activated, and also watch as it pours more credits into your account, as some of the Free Spin bonus rounds can be incredibly lucrative!

Where to play Terminator 2 video slot game

Released in June 2014, the Terminator 2 video slot game can be found in some of the biggest online casinos available. Here are some of them you can sign up to now, and start playing Terminator 2 slot in just a couple of minutes from now. You will also receive a free sign up bonus when signing up to any of these casinos too, so take full advantage of these too:

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