Wheel of Fortune Slot Game Vs Wheel of Wealth Slot Game

wheel of wealthIf you frequent any land based casinos and like to play the slot machines, it is highly likely that you have either played the Wheel of Fortune slot machine, or at least heard about it on the slot floors. The game is far from new, it has been around a little over 10 years now. But it still commands an enthusiastic audience on any casino floor it is located on.

If you like to play online casinos too, then you may well be wondering if there is a Wheel of Fortune machine available in any of the online casino virtual slot floors. There is in fact a game that is based on the same Wheel of Fortune concept, and is very similar to this popular game. It is called the “Wheel of Wealth”, and the exciting bonus round that everybody loves on the WOF machine is the main focus of the Wheel of Wealth game too.

So in this article we are going to take a look at the differences between the original Wheel of Fortune slot game and the newer Wheel of Wealth that you will find in some of the online casinos.

Game design

The original Wheel of Fortune game is a simple 3-reel, 1 pay line setup, whereas the newer Wheel of Wealth is a 5-reel machine with multiple pay lines. To activate the Fortune Wheel you still need to hit the Bonus symbols on both machines, and the actual bonus is very similar. Even though the Wheel of Wealth is a 5-reel machine, you still only need to hit 3 bonus symbols in a row to activate the WOF.

wheel of fortune

When playing the WOF machine, you just need to decide whether you play 1, 2 or 3 coins. But the Wheel of Wealth offers you a lot more options, both for the amount of coins you want to spend per spin and the number of pay lines that you want to play. So if you prefer to play machines with multiple pay lines, which does seem to be the more favored game type now, then the Wheel of Wealth is your best choice.

Progressive jackpot

As well as the Fortune Wheel bonus feature that both machines have, the Wheel of Fortune canwheel of fortune vs wheel of wealth be used as a progressive machine. You will often see banks or carousels of WOF machines in the land based casinos, with the big progressive sign in the middle drawing people in. In a lot of casinos this progressive goes way up into the 6-figure range, and you may also find some with a jackpot of over $1 million. These larger jackpots are usually reserved for the high roller machines, usually $5 or $25 denomination.

The Wheel of Wealth is not set up as a progressive jackpot game. But it does have some very big jackpot possibilities, largely due to the multiple pay line options and bet allowance. So you can still win some very large jackpots on the Wheel of Wealth machine too.

Multi player options

As mentioned, you do often see whole banks of machines on the casino slot floor that are all Wheel of Fortune machines. The progressives are linked up, and this encourages more people to play as the progressive amount rises very quickly. But you also now have a multiplayer option for the Wheel of Wealth too.

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Microgaming has released a new multiplayer version of the Wheel of Wealth in their online casinos. You can now have several people playing the same game online. There is a chat box where the players can communicate and chat amongst each other while they play. You also get to choose where you want to place the pin while the Wheel of Fortune spins. This community option has been incredibly popular since being introduced, and there are regular groups that enjoy playing the Wheel of Wealth at the same time using this community option.

Final verdict on the Wheel of Fortune Slot Vs the Wheel of Wealth slot

There is no doubt that the original Wheel of Fortune still has that alluring aspect about it, and you will likely find most, if not all of the WOF machines taken during peak hours at the big land based casinos. But the Wheel of Wealth slot game for the online casinos offers a lot more options and user ability, so you tailor your play to your requirements.

With the introduction of the multiplayer Wheel of Wealth game also, you can now get that community feel that you find at the land based casinos when there is a group playing at the same bank of machines. So the Wheel of Wealth has all the bases covered, and really offers a lot more than the original Wheel of Fortune game does. So if you want to play online, then the Wheel of Wealth is a worthy option if you want the fun of watching that bonus wheel go round.

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